Court Appearances And Jury Trials

Quality representation at The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford begins with a thoughtful, thorough initial consultation and continues with a focus on the client throughout the course of a criminal defense case. At The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford, clients are warmly greeted and treated with respect. They are kept informed of progress on their case. Satisfied clients frequently refer others to this law office for legal representation. They appreciate the attention detail and passion for success that Mr. Crawford brings to every criminal matter.

Preparation For Court Appearances

He can assist clients through every step of legal processes, explaining everything they need to know about hiring an attorney, responding to arrests, posting bonds to bail out of jail and getting ready for court appearances. He is ready to advise clients how to make the best court appearance possible, as it is in their interest to know how to look, act and behave in the courtroom. All his advice and consultations are professional, credible and down-to-earth.

Even visitors to Navarro Country who reside in Dallas and Houston seek legal assistance and representation from attorney Michael J. Crawford. His reputation is highly regarded by peers in the legal community, as is his record of wins. Some call Michael "The Blue Collar Lawyer" because he has helped so many hardworking people who have had legal problems included under Texas criminal laws.

Jury Trials

Michael J. Crawford is known for his highly skilled jury trial criminal defense practice. Defending people charged with misdemeanors and felonies before judges and juries, his reputation has throughout the state of Texas and the United States. Crawford received the award of Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the coveted National Trial Lawyers Association in 2014 due to his performance in the court room. He has earned a strong record of favorable outcomes through knowledge, persistence and diligence.

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