Clear Your Record — Nondisclosures And Expungements

Once you have a criminal conviction on your record, you will most likely discover what an impediment this is to many of your plans. You may be unable to pursue your chosen career or accomplish other important goals. The time will soon come when you want to talk to an experienced attorney about options for clearing your record.

The approaches have helped many Texans move past criminal convictions:

  • A nondisclosure order — a court order prohibiting police departments and courts from disclosing criminal records after certain requirements have been met
  • An expungement — elimination of information about an arrest or conviction when charges were dismissed or another person was convicted of a crime you had been accused of

A Knowledgeable Defense Attorney Will Prepare For Eventual Clearing Of Your Record

Positioning you for a clearing of your record should be part of an effective defense from the beginning of your criminal case. If you have been charged or arrested for a criminal offense, plan to have that conversation with your lawyer as soon as possible: "How might I meet the requirements for a nondisclosure order or an expungement as soon as either option is available to me?"

Even if you have had a conviction on your record for some time, it is worth your while to ask an experienced TX defense attorney to review your case to determine your opportunities. The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford in Corsicana can provide valuable insights and direction.

Discuss Your Options With A Texas Lawyer

Call 903-229-4619 or send an email inquiry to request a consultation with attorney Michael J. Crawford regarding your eligibility for a nondisclosure order or an expungement. Is a clean record within your reach? Have a frank conversation with Mr. Crawford and get a plan in place to pursue your goal realistically. Se habla español.