Strong Criminal Defense That Won’t Back Down

Texas Attorney Michael J. Crawford has established a highly respected reputation for being a no-nonsense, determined fighter for his clients' rights in the face of even the most intimidating criminal charges. Mr. Crawford has taken over 150 Criminal Cases to Jury Trials with over a 90% Not Guilty Result for his clients.  This ranks Mr. Crawford in the TOP 1% of Practicing Litigation Attorney's in not only the State of Texas but the United States as well.

Crawford is a fierce litigator of the Citizen Accused Rights.  Once he gets on the case you no longer have to worry.  This is his saying "now you let me worry and you live your life" after hiring the services of Crawford.  He's a serious, hard-nosed, bulldog when you need results.

Sexual Assault, Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child, Drug Possession, Drug Charges with intent to deliver, and all DOPE cases are our focus.  Mr. Crawford has extensive experience trying Jury Trials to Not Guilty Verdicts in Criminal Jury Cases.

Because Mr. Crawford has such a successful record defending his clients in Criminal Courts across Texas and the United States his services are highly sought across North and Central Texas.  Crawford is not afraid of the serious, difficult, and ugly cases.

Whether you have been accused of first-degree murder, kidnapping, burglary or any lesser offense, he will be your fearless champion.

DWI/ DUI defense is an area of criminal law which MUST be addressed by an experienced and knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney.  Crawford has taken over 45 DWI cases to Jury Trials.  Don't trust just any Criminal Defense Attorney with a DWI/DUI case.  Other attorney's will take your money and plea you out while Mr. Crawford will begin the case by working to clear your name entirely of the charges.  If Jury Trial is necessary Crawford has absolutely no fear of a Jury Trial. He can provide the vigorous advocacy you need to protect your driver's license in ALR hearings and combat other penalties. In every case, you can rely on Mr. Crawford to skillfully and passionately pursue the most favorable outcome possible in your particular situation.

To schedule a consultation regarding your legal matter, call 903-229-4619 or send an email inquiry through this website. Se habla español.  See the "Significant Cases" tab above to review Mr. Crawford's RESULTS.