Do You Need An Occupational License?

If your driver's license has been suspended, revoked or denied for certain reasons in Texas, this may seem to be a punishment almost as harmful to you as jail or prison time. Many residents of Navarro County, as in many other areas, cannot get around without their cars.

Are you in trouble because of a license revocation or suspension — and the loss of your livelihood? With effective legal representation, you may be able to recover the ability to drive only to work or school or to perform essential household duties. This may be an option for you no matter how you lost your driving privileges:

Any of these situations may have cost you your driving privileges, yet you may still be eligible for an occupational driver's license.

Request A Careful Evaluation Of Your Case — Recover Your TX Driving Privileges For Work Or School

The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford in Corsicana has assisted many Texans whose driver's licenses had been suspended or revoked. A review of your case will enable attorney Michael J. Crawford to recommend the best course of action to overcome your suspended license problem.

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