Determining Child Custody And Visitation Rights

When parents separate or divorce, child custody and visitation are no longer just private family matters. The state is interested in protecting children's rights when parents are separated or divorced. Child custody may be part of a divorce or it may be a stand-alone legal action. Texas law holds both parents responsible for their children whether they are married or divorced or were never married to each other.

The Meaning Of Child Custody

A child custody order provides a legal framework to protect each parent as well as the child or children. A child custody order may specify joint custody or sole custody. A child custody order clarifies both physical custody — where the child will live and legal custody — how important decisions about the child's education, medical care and general welfare will be made.

If you are the noncustodial parent and want the maximum time to visit with your child, attorney Michael J. Crawford will stand up for your rights in court. Whether the visitation is weekends, midweek, school vacation periods or holidays, or a combination of these on a regular or alternating schedule, he will work to ensure maximum visitation time for you.

Special Considerations

When you work with The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford in your family law case, Mr. Crawford will make sure you understand your rights, responsibilities and options.

  • Perhaps you are a grandparent who has taken a parental role in your grandchildren's lives and seek custody and/or guardianship. Mr. Crawford can discuss grandparents' rights and solutions that can work for your family.
  • Perhaps you and your child's other parent are unmarried, and you need help confirming paternity and all its legal implications.

Whatever the particulars, Mr. Crawford will advise you on how to resolve your child custody case as favorably as possible for you and the child or children involved.

Keep In Mind The Family Law Court's Priorities

The court considers many factors in deciding a child custody case, including:

  • Parent-child relationship and contact history
  • Safety and welfare of the child
  • Parental health and finances
  • Parental residences

In order to have the best parenting time outcome for you and your child, it is important to have an attorney experienced in Texas custody cases present your case in court. Mr. Michael J. Crawford is that kind of family law attorney. He welcomes your call at 903-229-4619. You may also inquire by email through this website. Based in Corsicana, TX, The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford serves clients in Texas and the United States. Se habla español.