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Criminal defense attorney Michael J. Crawford has been named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the United States by The National Trial Lawyers for his tireless effort in court and jury trials.

A criminal conviction can cause incalculable damage to your life's path. If you, a friend or a relative faces allegations of violations of Texas criminal law, this serious matter should be addressed only by an experienced Texas criminal lawyer. If you are under suspicion or face criminal charges for drug possession, DWI, DUI, theft, robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault or other serious infractions of Texas laws, you need the help of a dedicated, effective advocate.

Consider The Strong Track Record Of Defense Attorney Michael J. Crawford

Contact Attorney Michael J. Crawford, of Corsicana, Texas, for aggressive criminal defense after an arrest or if you are under investigation. Attorney Crawford has achieved many favorable outcomes for past clients who were accused of criminal actions, including cases such as continuous sexual abuse of a child, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault (rape), assault, drugs, theft, driving while intoxicated, murder, and robbery.

Mr. Crawford's special interest is in helping blue collar working people in Navarro County and the surrounding areas to achieve the goal to "Just Win." He is committed to outworking any opponent. He will bring in experts as needed from anywhere in the United States to help bring about success in his clients' criminal cases.

Mr. Crawford's objective is fairness and justice; his passion is the law; he is relentless in seeking all evidence that may provide his clients the advantage they need. The basis of his legal work focuses on his belief that all people have a right to a strong defense. He is in the practice of criminal law to vigorously uphold the U.S. Constitution. Michael J. Crawford is a determined fighter who will not be shut down or intimidated by the power of the government. Crawford will protect your rights and see to it that all your interests are protected.

Diligent, Accomplished Texas Criminal Lawyer

In his career as a Texas criminal lawyer, attorney Michael J. Crawford has gained a reputation as a no-nonsense, passionate fighter for client rights. He always tells the truth in his quest to win. With this approach, he gets results for his clients. His law firm may be small, but it is sharply focused on the goals of protecting clients' rights and helping to preserve their freedom.

Crawford employs a team of four paralegals to assist in his criminal trial practice and has great relationships with experts in fields commonly called upon to assist in defense of his clients. Areas clients seek help from Michael include:

Get Aggressive Legal Defense

Attorney Michael J. Crawford does not mince words or hold back when he defends clients against criminal charges. He is not a cheap lawyer; his services are in every way worth the fees he charges because he has a long track record of winning results.

What To Do If You Need Criminal Law Defense

If you or a family member or friend stand accused of criminal activity, do not delay in contacting The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford, in Corsicana, TX. Start with an initial consultation to discuss your case particulars in confidence and to determine what steps should be taken next to preserve your rights and freedom. Email us, or call 903-229-4619 to get your defense underway. Se habla español.