When Divorce Is The Answer, Get The Answers And Help You Need To Protect Your Interests

The decision to end a marriage is not made lightly. This is a stressful and emotionally wrenching time for all involved. Legal aspects of a divorce can seem confusing and burdensome. It is common for someone going through a divorce to "just want to get it over with," and neglect important aspects of the division of assets and other key factors. Quality legal counsel during this time is vitally important for your future well-being.

Get Legal Counsel You Can Trust To Guide You Through This Process

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, whether contested or uncontested divorce, consult with an attorney well qualified in Texas law. Perhaps your spouse has already filed for divorce and you must respond or perhaps you wish to pursue a legal separation and postpone divorce. Whatever the particulars of your case, The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford in Corsicana can provide the clear guidance you need. This established family law firm serves clients in Texas and the United States.

Attorney Michael J. Crawford will work to get you the best outcome by:

  • Identifying all assets to be divided
  • Dividing all assets appropriately
  • Ending the marriage properly
  • Ensuring a fair alimony, whether permanent or temporary, is awarded, if any
  • Settling issues such as child custody and visitation and child support so as to prioritize the welfare of the child

Texas state law requires that the outcome of divorce proceedings where a child is involved be for the best interest of the child. Attorney Crawford is committed to acting in your best interest and that of your child during all negotiations and in divorce court proceedings. Your parental rights and your child's best interest will go hand-in-hand when The Law Office of Michael J. Crawford is your family law firm.

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"I hired Mr. Crawford because my husband was running over me. My husband is now my ex thanks to Crawford. I got the house and 60% of my EX 401K. Custody of our two children ages 9 and 7. And it was easy because Michael J Crawford has a great staff from the young man at the front desk to his 3 paralegals. I'm truly happy. If someone is disappointed it's likely because they were dishonest with Mr. Crawford and it blew up on the client at a hearing when other party asked the client questions. Crawford told me early on that I MUST be honest with him. I'd hire him again and I highly recommend him to all my friends and relatives." — Audra, satisfied client